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Snowball Listed in LIVECOIN

September 18, 2018 Abel 0 Comment

Livecoin is a modern, safe Trading Platform for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets with very simple interface and low trading fees. Our own API is easy-to-use, supplied with an instructional manual. Our Support Service communicates in Russian, English and Chinese and replies to the Customers’ tickets 7 days a week within working hours (UTC+3).

Features of “LIVECOIN”
· There are many types of coins handled, mainly Russian coin.
· Direct transaction with legal currency USD (US Dollar), EUR (Euro), RUR (Russian Ruble) possible
· No need for identity verification
· Implement binary options

Livecoin is a popular bitcoin and altcoin exchange platform found online at Livecoin.net. Find out how the exchange works today in our review.

What Is Livecoin?
Livecoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you trade bitcoins, altcoins, and fiat currencies. The exchange was launched in 2013 by a company named Delta E-Commerce Ltd. The company is based in London, UK, although the servers are located in Metairie, Louisiana.

Unlike other exchanges, Livecoin doesn’t seem to focus on one specific region or country. They’re a global exchange.

However, Livecoin does offer a number of features for Russians, and some of the instructional videos are in Russian – so for whatever reason, Livecoin is particularly popular with a Russian audience (although to be fair, cryptocurrency in general is popular with Russians).

Three fiat currencies are supported through Livecoin, including the USD, EUR, and Russian Ruble (RUB). If you’re trading less than $2000 USD per month, you’ll pay a fee of 0.20% per trade.

Typically, Livecoin sits around #15 on the list of the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchanges. It has a daily trading volume of around 2000 BTC per day. In comparison, Kraken and Poloniex (which hold the #1 and #2 spots) have a trading volume of around 40,000 BTC per day.

Livecoin Benefits
Some of the key features and benefits of Livecoin include:

Simplicity & Ease Of Trading:
Like all other exchanges, Livecoin promises to be easy to use and have a friendly UI.

Reliable Protection Of Funds:
Livecoin uses a cold storage system to protect users’ funds. You can also restrict access to your account using the GoogleAuthenticator system and a white list of IP addresses – something that not all exchanges offer. Livecoin has never been hacked, nor has it experienced any major security incident (to public knowledge).



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