As the chairman and CEO of the famous investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett is one of the most respected investors in the world. He has cooperated over 300 hours of interviews to speak about his entire life with more that 250 of his friends and family. After 5 years, a USA best seller biography "Snow Ball" was finally published. We have been inspired by his life, thus decided to name our project, Snow Ball.

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What is Snowball Coin?

The Snowball is a new crypto currency that we will produce, basing on Ethereum.
The Snowball coin is a token that we will issue, basing on Ethereum. It will a crypto currency that can be used for all kinds of entertainment.
To be specific, we plan to make the Snowball coin usable for online games, shopping, travel, concerts, events, sports watching, and asset management.


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Online Gaming

We will make the Snowball coin usable for online games, application games and other commonly available games. First we will integrate it in our original game, then we will distribute it as a coin that can be used in other various online games.


We will distribute the Snowball token as a coin that can actually buy items at online shopping malls. In addition, we will introduce the Snowball transaction system to retailers around the world and expand the network of the Snowball partnership

Asset Management

We are going to develop the Easy Trade System as an application. You will be able to trade crypto currencies on the exchange markets.


We prepare a "wallet" that can store various crypto currencies, such as bitcoin, bitcoincash, and ethereum. Also we plan to introduce a system that can exchange crypto currencies for conventional currrency. This wallet system lets you access the shopping mall and coupon system directly.

Travel, Concerts and Events

We plan to issue coupons for traveling around the world. There is the possibility of experiencing space travel with the Snowball coin in the future. this project is now in progress. Our coupon can also be used for various entertainment such as concerts and events.


We will make the Snowball coin payable for tickets of various sports events, such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. We are considering a sponsorship of the Tokyo Olympic Game in 2020


We are going to build a mechanism that keeps the Snowball coin in the hardware wallet. This will solve the security problem of crypto currency that has causing hacking troubles these days.

Social Contribution Activities

We will expand our social contribution activities. As an amount of the Snowball coin in circulation increases, children all over the world will benefit. We are going to set up the Snowball scholarship for students who wish to go on to colleges and vocational schools.

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March 2018


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Your Future is about to change we have a truly powerful engine that supports snowball.

The snowball project will distribute this new crypto currency all over the world and raise its value hundreds of times. As a result, all our investors will build up great assets and attain true wealth.


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